"I am Against God" Ayn Rand

Whose side are you on G.O.P.
Ayn Rand  or Jesus Christ? 
You must choose.   


I welcome any links, thoughts or suggestions in the comments, even arguments from libertarians.



    Teh GOP responds: Heh heh heh ... nice try, but no cigar ... remember when we told you that "We create our own reality"? Yeah, that.

    QED, leftists!

    1. I am an Atheist and no fan of Ayn Rand.

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    1. Post it far and wide. Paultards and conservative Christians are welcome. Thanks Peter.

  3. I fail to see any proof behind a series of nonetheless weightless ramblings. "Love Thyself" I see smacked on the ribbon to the left of this page... Sounds very similar to, oh what was that author who stressed importance of self?

  4. 1)The Great Depression occurred after The Federal Government created the Federal Reserve. Got doubts about this? Read: "The Creature from Jekyll Island" On how the Wealthy pressured the Government to create such a monstrosity to protect their investments. BTW, the Feds, who have been given power by Congress to print money, cannot be audited.
    2) Unfunded Future Liabilities of SS & Medicare/Aid is in the order $62 Trillion, but these are not not counted in the national debt. How do you propose we fix this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_debt_of_the_United_States#Unfunded_obligations_excluded
    3) She was an Atheist who demonized Religion and Big Government as Controllers of Populations, because throughout History, this has always proven true. The Individual is at the Core of her ideas, not one Group controlling another. Not someone's altruism telling others what they need to do in order to satisfy his/her whims and gain popularity.
    4) The GOP Base IS Christian, the GOP at that time was completely Anti-Gay and did not recognize abortion. How can the GOP accept such a person?
    5) I am a Libertarian, not a Republicrat or Democan. I do not support anyone who has any ideas of sending someone else to War, seizing my property at will, making laws to restrict or control behavior which causes no one else harm, seizing my income to have it prostituted in DC to Unions, Corporations, Special Interests and have overheads in Departments which the States already have...7 out of the 10 richest counties are in and around DC...There is your 1%! The Federal Government! http://www.slate.com/blogs/moneybox/2012/09/21/dc_metro_area_is_super_rich_7_of_the_10_ten_counties_are_in_the_dc_suburbs_.html

  5. The Great Depression occurred because of a lack of Wall Street and banking regulations. Sound familiar?